The House of Kayaabuki : Toshio Ito - painted, Non-scale

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Toshio Ito, pre-painted, non-scale (about 1/80, best suited for dolls of about 2cm)

Pre-assembled and pre-painted version of Woody Joe's kit "Mini Architectural Series No.5: Kayabuki House"
Dimensions (including base): 150mm wide, 120mm deep, 120mm high
Note: The base and the building are separable, so you can easily move the building alone to your own diorama, layout, etc.
The windows are left as they are in the kit, so no electric lights, interior decorations, etc. can be added.

Information edited by Sakatsu Gallery

This is the finished work, "I tried it and it was surprisingly good, so I made it for real".
The base is like a handy wooden kit, but the size is just right for the HO and 16 world of model railroading, and the small, simple design is also desirable.
The kit can be removed from the base to make it easy to move to a new layout. Of course, you can also display it as it is.
The thatched roof is made of hemp rope, which is deliberately fluffed to give it a more voluminous appearance. This is the first time we have done this, and we hope you enjoy it.
This is the first time we've used a thatch roof in the UK and we're very pleased with the results.

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