Umechan-sensei - The Great Bar: Toshio Ito - Finished product version - Not to scale

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Toshio Ito, pre-painted, non-scale (about 1/25, best match for a doll of about 7cm)

Pre-assembled and pre-painted Kobayashi Kougei (Sales Platz) kit "Popular Bar"
Measurements (including base): 300mm wide, 210mm deep, 225mm high
Note: A pole to hang the clothes to dry, a futon (paper, not cut out) and a pre-assembled chochin are included for your own installation.
The roof can be removed from the clothesline, making it easy to build up the interior and add dolls.
The case is not included. The case is not included.
The case is not included.
Information edited by Sakatsu Gallery

This is a complete kit of the "Popular Bar" made by Mr. Takaki Yamamoto, which appears in the opening of the NHK morning TV series "Ume-chan sensei"!
This is the first time we've done this, and we're very pleased with the results.
Accessories are not glued on, and the roof is removable for easy additional modifications. The ground is also left as the base plate, so you can arrange it yourself!

Wooden Building Model "Popular Bar"
Strap (Ume Chan & Ume Neko)
Figure (white coat)
Figure (Monpe)
Figure (School Uniform)

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