Countryside Train Garage : Matsui Koki Finished product HO (1:80)

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Matsui Koki Pre-painted 1/80 Size

Scene dimensions: approx. W330mm, D100mm, H100mm (including 11mm plate thickness)
Train Depot: Width approx. W50mm, H72mm, Length 250mm
Note: The train depot is fully-scratched ()self-made), mainly from wood, and can be separated from the scenery. It can be easily removed and "moved" to your layout. The workshop also separates from the scenery and from the garage, so you can decorate it.
The scenery base is partly stepped, so that the building can be placed over it and displayed as a work of art. Please note that if the whole piece is tilted, the building may tumble down.
A maintenance pit has also been dug into the scenery base.

Information edit: Sakatsu Gallery

This is a scene work around a full-scratch train garage.
The damaged walls of the garage and the surrounding scrap wood make it look like an abandoned house, but the red signal sign at the entrance (inspired by the one once used by Ueda Kotsu to prevent people from entering the garage by mistake) and the oil pan on the workbench by the entrance seem to be waiting for the owner of the garage to return. It seems that this place is still in working order.

The garage and workshop are easily removable, so you can create an impromptu garage on your own layout if you feel like it!

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