Ultra Q Episode 3 : Gentleman Asaki - Painted Non-scale

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Asaki Gentlemanro Painted Non-scale

Work size (including diorama base): W60 x D60 x H90mm

Information edit: Sakatsu Gallery

A scene from the third episode of "Ultra Q", "A Gift from Outer Space", has been made into a palm-sized diorama and vignette by Gentaro Asaki.
This is the first episode of a special effects series that aired in 1966 and is still popular 50 years later.
It's a great way to learn about the history of the world.
A gold ball is thought to be a gift from the Martians. It is kept in a safe at the space agency, but is stolen by a gang. When the heroes receive news that a monster has appeared in the cave where the gang has been hiding, a huge monster appears through the cave. It is Namegon, a Martian monster born from a golden ball!
It is an extraordinary world that enters into our daily lives. In this small work, I have tried to capture the world of Ultra Q, a world where we are lost in a mysterious world.

The pedestal size is 6cm square, making it a very small piece.
We recommend collecting the series and putting them together!

Besides, Gentlemanro Asaki's work is here!

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