M4 (105)HVSS (Sherman Tank): Gentaro Asaki painted 1:16

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Gentaro Asagi painted 1/16 scale
Work size (including diorama base): W450 x D300 x H370mm
Note: The tank is not fixed to the diorama base. The tank is based on Tamiya's 1/16 RC Tank Series "M4 Sherman (105mm Howitzer Mounted)" as the base kit, and although the RC gimmick is incorporated, it is not designed to run or otherwise operate. No radio-controlled transmitter is included.
Award: 2008 Tobu Tamiya Modelers Contest Honorable Mention

Information edit: Sakatsu Gallery

An American M4 Sherman medium tank that saw action during World War II.
Based on the large radio-controlled kit released by Tamiya, this is a powerful diorama piece.

The first thing that strikes you when you come face to face with this model is how big it is!
The 1/16 scale of this tank is something you don't usually see, and it's sure to overwhelm anyone who sees it.
And when you look at the details, you will be overwhelmed by the attention to detail.
The four tank soldiers, with their detailed facial expressions, look relaxed but alert, as if they are watching their surroundings with a keen eye.
Although the tanks are free of battle damage and mud, they have been recreated with rust, faded paint and signs of use, giving them a truly 'working' appearance.
Those who are familiar with the kit on which it is based will also notice the many additions and modifications made and the cleverness of the modifications.
This is the first time we've made a kit that is not based on the original. (The kit used in this work is a different version from the original kit that he longed for)

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