Local private railway company: Matsui Kogyo, finished coating HO(1:80)

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Matsui Koki Pre-painted 1/80 Size

Scene dimensions: approx. W435mm, D88mm, H103mm (including 15mm of board thickness)
Shed: approx. W75mm, D55mm, H40mm
Tsumesho (large): approx. W135mm, D68mm, H60mm
Tsumesho (small): approx. W95mm, D58mm, H55mm

Note: The three full-scratch buildings can be separated from the scene. They can be easily removed and "transferred" to the layout with ease.
The scenery base comes with a square piece of wood for positioning the buildings. Once the building has been removed, you can place accessories inside and then place the building back on top.

Information edit: Sakatsu Gallery

This is a scene work of a railway guard station area, consisting of three completely self-made buildings and a scene base full of accessories.
You can easily incorporate this work as a whole into your own layout, or transfer the buildings to your own layout or diorama.
The buildings are very easy to attach and detach, so you can enjoy them in many different ways.
It is also fun to add the track to this piece and make it into a display stand.

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