OLD ROUTE66 CAL - Joshua Tree : Takashi Tsurimaki Finished product set N (1:160)

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Takashi Tsurimaki Pre-painted 1/160 Scale (N)

This is a diorama piece for displaying N gauge vehicles.
Size (plastic case): approx. 27.5cm wide x 8.5cm deep x 10cm high
Gauge (width between tracks): 9mm

Note: A clear plastic case is included.
Cars are not included. It can display N gauge vehicles up to 25cm in length, but is not designed to be driven.
The photo shows an image with the addition of model railway cars and cars (sold separately). Cars and vehicles are not included.

Information edit: Sakatsu Gallery

Just as Japan's Tokaido and Nakasendo roads are still alive and well beside the highway, ROUTE 66 is no longer the same as it was when it was first built, but there are still many people living around it, each with their own stories to tell. And the people who live there, including us tourists, call ROUTE 66 the MOTHER ROAD with a deep affection and longing.

This is a diorama for an N gauge model railway exhibition by Tsurimaki, who is also a commercial photographer.
The Joshua Tree is a tree with blue leaves, even in the dry land of California. A Dodge, abandoned due to breakdowns and its parts taken by vultures, has now become part of the landscape. At the end of the road, we see the "Here it is" sign of the Jackrabbit grocery store.
"Hmm? I thought Jackrabbit was in Arizona? If so, you're a ROUT66 connoisseur. This is the story of ROUT66 - 2347 miles of it.
Naturally, it's the American model that suits you best, but what car would you like to add to the story?

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