Remnants of My Boyhood "A Small City in the Countryside" : Takashi Tsurimaki Pre-painted N (1:150)

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Takashi Tsurimaki Pre-painted 1/150 Scale (N)

This is a small layout piece that can be run by B-Train Shorty. (Normal N-gauge vehicles may not be able to complete the curves.)
Size (acrylic case): approx. 38.5cm (W) x 27.5cm (D) x 17cm (H)
Gauge (width between tracks): 9mm

Note: A 3mm thick acrylic case is included.
Comes with 3 unglued cars.
Vehicles and power packs not included.
The 12V connector for the TOMIX feeder and also for TOMIX accessories extends from the bottom of the work. By providing a power supply, such as TOMIX's TCS Power Unit N-600, you can also enjoy lighting up the buildings.
The photo shows an image with the addition of a model car or bus (sold separately). Cars and buses are not included.

Information edit: Sakatsu Gallery

That nostalgic scene where we grew up. The river where we used to catch crayfish and chase fish with our friends. The forest of the township where we stopped to play until dark. The ruins of a factory that looked like a secret. The nostalgic smell of the train I took to high school. This book is the first of its kind in the world.

This is a layout for N gauge model railways by Tsurimaki, who is also active as a commercial photographer.
It is a small layout in B4 size, with a lot to see and do in a small space that is close to the limit of the layout, interspersed with small objects, people and structures (including his own work). The layout is very small, but has a lot to offer.
Due to the sharp curves, only B-Train cars are allowed to run, but at this size, you can enjoy the work whenever and wherever you like.
We recommend it not only because of its size, but also because of the care taken to place the structure in dug-in ground, while keeping the price low for affordable enjoyment!

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