Suzuki Auto : Toshio Ito - Painted 1:87

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Toshio Ito Pre-painted 1/87 Size (HO)
1/87 size(HO)
Approximate size: 150mm x 175mm height 95mm
Kit used: Classic Story "Suzuki Auto" kit and others
Note: 2 systems of 3 LED lights each (2 signs and 1 workshop and upstairs, 3 residences), with button battery at the bottom of the work. A clear case (3,675 yen) (sold separately) can be easily fitted. It can be easily removed from the display stand and integrated into the layout.
(c)2012 "ALWAYS: Sunset on Third Street '64" Production Committee

Information edit: Sakatsu Gallery

Based on the "Suzuki Auto" kit from Classic Story, this is a complete work of art.
The kit is based on the movie "ALWAYS: Sunset on Third Street", but with the addition of a midget, accessories and lights, it is even more emotional.
We invite you to turn on the lights in the evening darkness and enjoy a full 360�‹ view.

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