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Takumi Diorama Craft House, painted and finished, 1/80 size

All the wood parts are replaced with ST wood and basswood, and colored with ST colour and urethane varnish to be dyed many times.
The fun and lively atmosphere of the candy shop is expressed by painting and weathering the optional "Candy Shop Set" (sold separately from Echo Model) and assembling it. Some parts have been dyed black or brown to give them an austere appearance that is difficult to achieve with paint.
CRD-controlled LEDs are installed, so when you look through the window at night, you will be drawn into the warmth of the scene.

Size: W10cm x D18cm x H9cm
Kit used: "Chagawa Shoten" kit by M's and others
. Note: No acrylic clear case (case can be made on request), LED lights, AA battery box in the base. It has a battery box in the base, and a longer lead wire so that it can be powered from a wall socket.

(c)2007 "ALWAYS: Sunset on Third Street" Production Committee

Information edit: Sakatsu Gallery

This is the Chagawa Shoten, a confectionery shop, the star of the show along with Suzuki Auto.
A candy shop is a place where children have gathered for centuries.
This is the first time we've made a picture of the shop, and we hope it will reach the warmest part of your heart.

I made the floors and ceilings, using ST wood for the wooden flooring and old Echo tatami mats for the tatami flooring.
The ceiling is a reproduction of the boarded-up ceiling that was common in houses of this period, held in place with thin cleats. The wiring for the lights runs through the back of the ceiling.
The tin roof has been replaced with echoed brass corrugated sheeting to give a rusted appearance.
Guttering has been added to the roof.

The interior is detailed with echo accessories, mainly in the tea room.
The chabudai and the chadansu cannot be missed. On top of the tea chest is a transistor radio. On the desk there is a stack of manuscript paper, surrounded by a mess of crumpled, unwritten manuscripts.
There are also two book boxes.

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