The Way Home : Toshio Itoh Pre-painted 1:80

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Toshio Ito Pre-painted 1/80 Size

Case dimensions: width 75mm, depth 75mm, height 73mm
Kit used: Kt Kobo's "Shopper, Auntie with Child on Her Back" and others
Notes: Acrylic clear case with LED lights and button battery at the bottom of the piece.

Information edit: Sakatsu Gallery

Made by Kt Kobo, this palm-sized scene features shoppers, a woman with a child in her arms.
Has the child on her back fallen asleep while shopping? You can almost hear the mother humming a lullaby.
This piece has a button cell power supply in the bottom of the piece, which is used to illuminate the telephone pole and the telephone box. Both poles and telephone boxes are decorated with tiny LEDs, but the poles are bulbous and the telephone boxes are fluorescent. It's a great way to recreate a sunset scene.

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