Small Ticket Gate : Takumi Diorama Craft House - Painted 1:80

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Takumi Diorama Craft House - Painted 1/80 Scale

Approx W8cm D6.5cm H6cm
Base kit: "Small ticket gate (tin roof)
" by Hilma Model Craft Pre-wired for light bulb LED illumination (please provide a separate 3V DC power supply). (Lead wire comes out from underneath the building)

Information edited by Sakatsu Gallery

When the first train arrives, it is still dark and there is a single light. A woman peddler walks under it.
In the mornings and evenings, the street is somewhat crowded with commuters and high school students going to school, but during the day, the trains rarely come.
In the morning and evening it is somewhat crowded with commuters and high school students.
In the evening, the only light is on at the ticket gate, and people who look like businessmen are hurrying home.
When the early last train has gone, the electric lights will soon be quietly extinguished and the small turnstiles will melt into the darkness.

This is the image I had in mind when I made this piece.
A small platform is all that is needed to create a small station for a local private railway company.
For the tin roof, I used the silver paint technique from the aeroplane model, and used several layers of techniques to give it a rusty red look.
The colour scheme of the walls was changed to something more typical of a local private railway, and the gutter and electric lights were added for extra detail. The electric lights are bulb coloured LEDs to recreate a Showa era station.
We have also added the fare and timetable tables in white paint on a blackboard, which are essential for the ticket gates of a Showa era private railway station.
The station nameplates are temporarily fixed, so they can be easily replaced.

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