Merits & Deme-Rits: Shutaro Aoki Paintings 1:35

Merits & Deme-Rits: Shutaro Aoki Paintings 1:35

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Shutaro Aoki Pre-painted 1/35 Scale
Approximately 32cm wide x 24cm deep x 23cm high
This work has been published in Hobby Japan.

This is a German WWII version of the quadruple 2cm anti-aircraft gun FLaKVienling 38 mounted on an 8t half-track, of which around 800 were produced until the end of 1944.
The kit is Dragon's Smart Kit, and the small hooks on the car body have been replaced with metal wires, and the stoppers on the cargo gate and other parts have been modified with plastic materials or replaced with Adler's Nest metal policies for added detail.
The Russian GAZ jeep is a vignette-sized small diorama made from a Tamiya kit. The figures were modified (some scratch) from a resin kit. The grass is made of miniature nature.

Information edit: Sakatsu Gallery

This work is based on the image of the Russian army during the German domestic progress in 1944.
The title of the work "MERITS & DEME-RITS" translates as "credit and culpability".
The message of this film is that there are no real winners in war.

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