DEFEAT: Shutaro Aoki Paintings 1:35

DEFEAT: Shutaro Aoki Paintings 1:35

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Shutaro Aoki Pre-painted 1/35 Scale
Approx. width 30cm x depth 20cm x height 12cm
This work has been published in Hobby Japan.

?½ƒM12 self-propelled artillery
Developed in 1941 as the T6 self-propelled artillery gun for heavy artillery support of armoured units.
This vehicle is a domestically produced 155mm field gun M1917 purchased from France during the First World War and mounted on the chassis of a developed M3 medium tank.
The model is made from a resin kit produced by Azmut ADV of France, with the external equipment of the vehicle replaced with brass parts by Cal Scale. Additional detailing has been added using self-made parts such as plastic plates and copper plates.
The caterpillar is made with Regicast resin caterpillar to increase the sense of weight.

Information edit: Sakatsu Gallery

This is a diorama of the image of a rear support vehicle during the advance of the American army after the Normandy landings in 1944.
This is a diorama of a soldier at rest before the battle of the Ardennes.

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