The pride of war: Shutaro Aoki painted finished product 1:35

The pride of war: Shutaro Aoki painted finished product 1:35

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Shutaro Aoki pre-painted 1/35 scale
Approx. 43cm wide x 33cm deep x 25cm high
This work was published in the August 2002 issue of Hobby Japan. The title plate has been changed to brass "war results be proud eastern front 1941".

Information edited by Sakatsu Gallery

The war between Germany and the Soviet Union began in 1941 during the Second World War with a surprise German attack. Shutaro Aoki, the famous diorama builder, has created a work of art of one of the early scenes of this battle, mainly described as the "Eastern Front" in Germany.
In the early days of the war between Germany and the Soviet Union, the Germans had been making great strides, but three Soviet BT-7s had been destroyed or abandoned, and the German officers who had come in their K?belwagens to check them out were proud of their victory. However, as the war wore on, the Germans began to lose ground. This is the story of the German army's efforts to win the war against the Soviet Union.

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