Natsukashi no Furusato : Taguchi Kobo - Complete Painting N(1:150)

Natsukashi no Furusato : Taguchi Kobo - Complete Painting N(1:150)

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Taguchi Workshop Pre-painted N (1/150) size
Approx. width 104cm x depth 76cm
The dolls, cars and buildings shown in the pictures are included.

Model railway vehicles and power packs are not included.
The photos are provided by the manufacturer and may differ from the product.
Maintenance and repairs are available for a fee after purchase.

Information edited by Sakatsu Gallery

A diorama of a nostalgic hometown scene.
It's mid-summer afternoon and a bonnet bus is driving off with a few passengers arriving at the station. At the back of the farm there is a wooded area where we went to collect insects, at the end of the fire watchtower there is a primary school during the summer holidays, and soon the bus goes out to the road by the sea. There were people fishing in the pond, a man at a construction site, a shrine maiden, and the smiles of people as usual.

The layout is designed to allow N gauge model trains to run. As this is a local train line, a short formation of small to medium sized cars will be suitable. Model railway carriages and power packs are not included.

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