DIORAMAG VOL.6 DIORAMAG Japanese Edition : PLA editions (Book) 9788412230413

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A4 size, 96 pages in total (colour pages)
Published by PLA editions

On Thin Ice Part 1 - Sven Frisch
Kursk - Kev Smith
Creating a Scene - Andrew Agent
Where is my husband - Costas Giorgio
Showcase Dioramag - Heiner Sander
Abandonment - Mirko Bleckmann
Showcase Dioramag - Onur Kumar
Death of a Lonely Queen - David de Lazaro
Diorama Classics - Ian Cocker
The Maid of Harlech - Axel Paul
The Japanese Artisan - Sho Kase

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Information Edited by Sakatsu Gallery

Dioramag is a model magazine specializing in military and AFV dioramas (dioramas).
Originally a model magazine published by a Spanish publisher, this product is the Japanese version of the magazine translated into Japanese.

This book contains colour photographs of the work of some of the most famous modellers in the world.
From basic knowledge to professional techniques, this book will be a great ally for military diorama builders.

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