MINIATURE LIFE : Miniature Calendar (Book) 9784880653280

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First published on 1 November 2013
B5 landscape size, 136 pages (all colour pages)
Author: MINIATURE CALENDAR(Tatsuya Tanaka)
Published by: Suyosha Corporation

Information edited by Sakatsu Gallery

A treasure trove of ideas! Full of diorama making tips!
This is a collection of photographs by Tatsuya Tanaka, who has been taking delightful pictures mainly of Prizer dolls, combining miniatures with real everyday objects and accessories.
Every time you turn the pages, you can't help but smile and be amazed by the ideas.
If you're ever stuck in the middle of building a model, or just want to add a bit of humour to your diorama, this is the book for you.
We have 136 series of interesting, cute and stylish photos for everyone to see, and we recommend them as gifts.
Please also check out our second collection of work, released in April 2016!

(Some extracts from this book)
When you think about everyday things from the perspective of a dwarf, you come up with all sorts of interesting things.
I wanted to give form to these ideas in the form of photographs, so I started my "miniature calendar". I mainly use dolls for dioramas and everyday objects as motifs for my photographs.
I call it a "miniature calendar" because I update it every day on my website and on social networks, like a daily calendar.

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