Mozu Miniature Works The World of dwarfs : Genkosya (Book) 978-4-7683-1512-5

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Mozu Miniature Works The World of dwarfs

Author: Mozu
Type of Publication: B5 size, softcover
Number of pages: 128 pages in color
First Edition: July 20, 2021

Information edited by Sakatsu Gallery .

This is a collection of the latest works by Mozu, an artist active in multiple fields, including animation, miniatures, and trick art.

From the idea of "becoming small and adventuring around the room" that he had fantasized about in his childhood, this "world of dwarfs" was born as an attempt to "recreate it with my own techniques now that I am an adult.

It also includes the making of each part and the story behind its creation.
I hope you will enjoy this book's view of the world, which makes you feel as if there really is a dwarf in it with its precisely made accessories and arrangement. I hope you will enjoy it.

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