WildRiver's G-WORLD "Amphitheatre" Director WildRiver Naoto Arakawa Gundam Scene Works: Dai Nippon Painting (Book) 9784499230537

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First published on 10 June 2011
A4 size, 112 pages (all colour pages)
Model making: WildRiver Naoto Arakawa
Published by: Art Box Co.
Information editor: Sakatsu Gallery

Perfect for your collection or reference book! This is a collection of Gundam scenes by Naoto Arakawa, WildRiver, who has published plastic model and diorama works in various genres in various model magazines.
This is a collection of works by WildRiver's Naoto Arakawa.

(Excerpts from this book)
The concept of the amphitheatre is difficult to describe in a few words.
But simply put, it's a diorama where you look around and everywhere you look there's a story to tell, and where the front and back are no longer limited.
For this reason, we do not install title plates, which basically fix the front.
I try not to fix the point of view, but to guide the viewer through the situation, and I pay attention to the composition so that the viewer can feel gradually absorbed in the scene as he or she watches.

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