Tree material set, Yingli tree (Fine leaf foliage olive green) : Woodland Materials Non-scale F1133

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Made by WOODLAND SCENICS Material Non-scale (recommended for 1:150 - 1:50)

Fine-Leaf Foliage Olive Green

Dyed Dutch dried flowers with sponge attached.

Contents" Approx. 1220 cm3 (approx. 14.5 x 21 x 4 cm container with fluffy material)
Remarks: Assumed to be used relatively finely, many Dutch dried flowers are broken or in pieces. Includes one plastic tree part (approx. 7 cm tall).

Note:Please note that the amount of leaves and how they are attached may vary depending on individual pieces and the time of production.
Note:The actual color of the product may differ from the color in the photo due to the time of delivery or color tone of the monitor, etc.

Information editing: Sakatsu Gallery

For the tree material set, see YouTube English "How to make trees Modeling Trees" (video produced by Woodland Scenics) starting at about 2:20.

This set includes the trunk, branches, and leaves materials needed to build a tree model.
The natural material Dutch dried flowers are covered with colored sponges, making it easy to enjoy their delicate and realistic branching.
If it contains well-shaped Dutch dried flowers, it can be used as a single tree as is, but it is basically intended to be used in 2-3 cm pieces. Please cut them to an appropriate size, tear them off by hand, etc.
can be planted directly into a scene to represent shrubs, bushes, and bushes, or it can be glued to a base trunk or branch to create an original tree.

Note: Please note that the amount of foliage and the degree of attachment may vary depending on the individual plant and the time of production.
Note: The actual color of the product may differ from the color in the photo due to the time of arrival, monitor, or other color tones.

Tree material set Fine Leaf foliage series

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