Tree kit 1.9 - 7.6cm : Woodland Material Non-scale TR1111

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Made by WOODLAND SCENICS Material Non-scale

Realistic Tree Kits Realistic Tree Kits
Realistic tree assembly kit.
The kit contains a variety of plastic tree trunks and a sponge material for the leaves.
Size: approx. 1.9 - 7.6 cm high
Number of pieces: Several of each size, 21 pieces in total

The images are provided by the manufacturer and may differ from the actual product.

Information Edited by Sakatsu Gallery

A kit for assembling trees.
Easy to build!
First, twist the plastic branches by hand to form the tree shape of your choice.
Then simply apply Tightbond to the area of the branch where you want to add the leaves, and finally stick on the leaf expression material provided.

Please note that due to the time of year of delivery, monitors and other colour tones, the actual product may differ in colour from the picture.

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