Windmill : Woodland Unpainted Kit HO(1:87) M103

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WOODLAND SCENICS unpainted kit HO(1/87)

This is the MINI-SCENE series of models, which can be used by themselves to create picturesque scenes. It is not recommended for beginners.
The product contains metal parts (basically white metal) and plant material. The packaging and instructions are in English only.
This is the first time we have used this product.

The metal is relatively soft, so if there are any warps or bends in the parts, they can be corrected.
File the glued surfaces smooth to ensure a perfect fit.
Use instant adhesives to temporarily fix the parts together, and if there are no problems, use a two-part adhesive mixture to assemble the parts firmly.
After the glue has dried, wash the surface well with a mild detergent or cleanser to remove oil and other substances.
When the water has dried completely, it is time to paint.
It is advisable to use a lacquer-based acrylic paint in the basic colours (e.g. brown for wood) and an enamel-based paint for the shadows and stains, so that the texture can be achieved without damaging the lacquer-based paint.
Finally, the whole scene is completed by combining it with plants and accessories.

Information edit: Sakatsu Gallery

This unpainted metal assembly kit reproduces a scene with a windmill for turning a well pump and a cow that has come to drink the pumped water.
Fits perfectly into the "Domed Glass Case" (sold separately).

Note:The images are provided by the manufacturer and are examples of assembled and painted models.
Note:All packaging and assembly instructions are in English.

oodland Advanced Metal Kit

The "MINI SCENE" series is designed to create atmospheric scenes.

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