Powdery material [Fruit] Fruit (red, orange) : Woodland material, non-scale T47

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Made by WOODLAND SCENICS Material Non-scale (1/87 recommended)

A round, granular powder material with a diameter of around 1.5mm.
Fruit is a round powder material with a diameter of around 1.5mm.
Large In the world of 1/87, it can be used as a fruit with a diameter of about 13cm.
Large The set comes in two colours, "orange" and "red".
Contents: approx. 29.4 cm3 each

Information edit: Sakatsu Gallery

A small red and orange grain material suitable for the representation of fruit.
Glue them to trees for a fruit representation of apples and oranges!

Note: The colour of the picture may differ from the actual product due to the time of delivery and the colour tone of the monitor.

[Fruit] Fruit
[Flowering] Four Colour Set
´┐ŻE┬ŻyFlowering Forage´┐ŻE┬ŻzYellow Flower
[Flowering Forage] Purple Flowers

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