Powdery material Fine turf Grass colour : Woodland material Non-scale T44

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Made by WOODLAND SCENICS Material Non-scale
Fine Turf
A powder material made of very fine sponge pieces. It can be used as a base colour for the ground. It can be mixed with other colours to give a more natural finish.
For size reference, the price tag in the picture measures approximately 18 x 25 mm.

Information edit: Sakatsu Gallery

This powder material is ideal for creating a base for recreating the ground in your diorama.
To make it stick, we recommend Superfix.
Please note that the colour of the picture may differ from the actual product due to the time of delivery and the colour tone of the monitor.

�E½E½E½ƒFine Turf Colour Variations
Black Earthen
Earth Colour
Dry grass colour
grass colour
dark green

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