Dutch Dried Flowers (Super Trees) : Scenic Express Kit Non Scale 214

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Kit by Scenic EXPRESS Non-scale

Approx. 30 dried Dutch flowers of 10-20 cm
. Box size (approx): 34cm x 37cm x 15cm

Note: Due to the natural nature of this product, there is considerable variation in size, shape and quantity. This product is made from a natural material and may vary in size, shape and number of pieces. Also, some branches may be broken.
Note: The images are for illustrative purposes only. Please note that the actual colour and texture may vary.
Note:Colour may vary from yellow-green, red-purple to wither grass, and may be the same or mixed within a pack.
Note:The material is prone to powdery debris such as detached tips and seeds, so please be careful when unpacking.

Information edited by Sakatsu Gallery

These dried flowers can be used for tree trunk and branch expressions.
These dried flowers can be used in a wide range of scales, from small trees when only the tips of the branches are used, to large trees when combined with the larger branches that form the trunk.
We also have a Dutch Dried Flower and Trunk Set which includes the trunk.
We also have small packs.

As it is, it is the colour of the material (dead grass colour to reddish purple), so it can be painted according to the application.
The leaves should be made from a separate sponge material or Powder Leaf.
Superfix or other water soluble adhesive.

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