Raven and Magpie: Prizer unpainted kit 1:32 63335

Raven and Magpie: Prizer unpainted kit 1:32 63335

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Preiser unpainted kit 1/32 size 170cm human approx. 5.3cm

Ravens and magpies

Part number: 63335
Number of figures: 20
when completed Length: approx. 1.5cm
Material: Plastic. Remarks: Assembly required

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Search terms: migratory birds, ravens, magpies

Information compiled by: Sakatsu Gallery

This is an unassembled, unpainted kit featuring images of ravens and magpies.
The set contains 20 figures (when completed assembly).

It is attached to the runner like a plastic model and the parts need to be detached.

This is an unpainted product. This product is unpainted and will need to be painted.

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