Locomotive and fireman (oiler) : Preiser, painted, 1:32 scale 63103

Locomotive and fireman (oiler) : Preiser, painted, 1:32 scale 63103

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Pre-painted 1/32 scale by Preiser

Engine-driver and fireman
Engine driver and fireman. <1/32 scale. Number of figures: 2
Size: 5 cm tall
Size: approx. 5cm tall
Note: Colour tones may vary depending on the model and settings of your monitor.

Information edit: Sakatsu Gallery

These dolls are made in the image of an engineer and a fireman (a person who puts coal etc.) of a steam locomotive.
One of them is holding an oil pan.
The size of the dolls is about 5cm tall for an adult.

Note:Depending on the production lot, the paint colour of the doll's clothes and head hair may be completely different.
If paint colour is important to you, please contact us before ordering.
Note:Due to the time of delivery, monitors and other colour tones, the actual product may differ in colour from the picture.�E½@The photos are not of the actual product but of the manufacturer's presentation.

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