Bundle of bright green grass : Fredericks Green Line Material Non-scale GL-306

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Made by Fredericus-Rex, non scale (recommended 1/87 - 1/35) Material

Green-Line scenery Tufts of grass Mix of Size and Length light green
Light green
This is a mixed version of the material with which you can easily recreate a grass field. It contains 6 different sizes and heights of grass for your convenience! The grass is a real grass material that grows in clusters and is flat at the base so you can bond it to the ground. There are individual differences.

1 plant, 6mm high x 10
Single plant type, 6-12mm high x 12
Oval, 6mm high x 6
Oval, 6-12mm high x 5
Slender, height 6 mm x 5
Slender, 6-12mm high x 6

Information edit: Sakatsu Gallery

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