Powder leaf 50g : Noch material, non-scale 7144

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Made by NOCH Material: Non-scale
Non scale
Leaves Mid Green
Leaves in the shape of a leaf, cut into small pieces. Leaves Mid Green
The Leaves Mid Green
material is finely cut in the shape of a leaf to create a realistic leaf representation. Leaves Mid Green

Contents: 50g

Note:The colour tone of the photograph may vary from the actual product due to the model and settings of your monitor.
Note: The third image is an example of use. It is not included in the product.

Information edit: Sakatsu Gallery

This leaf expression material is finely cut in the shape of a leaf.
A realistic leaf representation is possible.

Powder leaf olive colour
Powder Leaf in Light Green
Powder leaf medium green colour
Powder leaf dark green colour
Powder Leaf Autumn Colour Set
Powder Leaf Flower Colour Set
Spray bottle

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