A4 diorama display case 200mm high : Sakatsu case non-scale 8802

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Acrylic case made by Sakatsu, Non-scale

This is a compact case with an inner dimension of A4 size.

Top cover: transparent acrylic 3mm thickness
Base plate: Black acrylic 3mm thickness

Inside dimensions: 297mm x 210mm x 197mm
Outside dimensions: 305mm x 218mm x 203mm

The cover does not come with a step to stop it slipping. Please glue a diorama base that matches the inside dimensions of the transparent cover (A4 size) to the black acrylic to prevent it from shifting.

Information edit: Sakatsu Gallery

This diorama display case has an internal size of A4 and is reasonably sized.
The A4 size is the most common size for magazines and notebooks. It is a size that can be easily displayed on a desk or shelf.
We have used a highly transparent and luxurious acrylic sheet, but kept the functions to a minimum to make it affordable. It is designed to be used as a diorama to hold the top case in place and stop it from sliding around, so it is not suitable for use as a collection case.
We recommend that you create your diorama on an A4 size base.

Styrofoam 30mm thick type
Styrofoam 50mm thick type
wooden photo panel 23mm thickness type

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