LP42 type front light with LED, 2 sets: Sakatsuo material N(1:150) 8501

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Electronic parts made by Sakatsu N(1/150) size

There are 2 light bulb LEDs and 2 translucent plastic parts for shade.

LED standard
Suitable voltage: 2.9V~3.2V
Suitable current: 15mA or less, DC
Dimensions (all approximate, excluding leads):
�@Width 1.6mm X Depth 0.8mm X Height 1.0mm
Lead wire: Copper is positive, green is negative

Specifications are subject to change without notice.

Information compiled by: Sakatsu Gallery

A kit of realistic electric lights using our tiny LEDs.
The size is designed to be N (1/150) with a convex mould to simulate the shape of the bulb.
Products without LEDare also available.
If you want to integrate the product into your vehicle and light it up, please use Micro control board and so on.

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