Sakatsu Dolls Series Manabe Collection Bagoma Boy Set : Sakatsu Painted Finished Product HO(1:87) 7511

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Pre-painted by Sakatsu, 1/87 size

2 boys, bagoma floor

Information edit: Sakatsu Gallery

This product is perfect for Showa era scene models. Each white metal doll is carefully hand-painted and finished.
The entire "Manabe Collection" is based on the work of the doll sculptor Seijiro Manabe. The scale is 1/87, which means that a 165cm tall person is reproduced at just under 2cm. The collection is characterised by its deformations: the faces are large and expressive, and the poses are overdone.
The dolls are not the well-mannered eight-headed figures seen in most dolls. There is a warmth that makes the scent of the Showa period when the dolls should have lived flow, and the artistic sense of the author is not an appendage of the building and the scene, but the doll itself seems to insist that "I am the leading role. I'm sure you'll agree.
As you look at the dolls, you will want to create scenes and collect them, something that is commonplace in much larger dolls, but is also possible in this small world.
In addition, the standing dolls have a metal wire coming out of one of their legs for ease of installation and painting.

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