Cookie Town "Samantha's House" : Sakatsuo Unpainted Kit Non Scale 6800

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Sakatsu unpainted kit, Non-scale (1/80-1/100 doll would be just right to balance the door, but don't worry about that.)

Wooden laser cutting kit
Contents: 1 house, ground, ladder
Size when finished (approx): 57mm x 57mm x 57mm high

To assemble, you will need a utility knife and wood glue.
Citadel colours are recommended for painting.
The LED and power supply (sold separately) can be set to light up when assembled.
Add more dolls and ground material (sold separately) and have fun!

The photo shows a pre-painted example. Dolls, grass and ground stones are not included in the kit.

Information edited by Sakatsu Gallery

It is a tiny little house in an imaginary world.
Paint it in any colour and create your own palm-sized petite scene.

�ƒCookie Town is a series of fun wooden kits that are as easy and tasty as a bite sized cookie.

We want to make it easy for you to enjoy the warmth of wood and the charm of laser cut wooden kits that anyone can assemble. This is the reason why we designed this product.

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