[Model] Poster and Signboard Decals Note: Kobaru Equivalent: Sakatsu N (1:150) 3883

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Sakatsu (formerly known as Kobaru) Decals (stickers and decals) N(1/150) doll height is about 1cm size

Poster and signage decals

Part number: 3883 (old part number MS-18)
Contents: Water transfer sheet with multiple designs printed on it
Sheet size: approx. 95mm x 195mm
Number of sheets: 1 sheet

Note:Equivalent to Kobaru products.
Note:Not suitable for use on rough surfaces.
Note:Please test the product in the same conditions before use.

Information edited by Sakatsu Gallery

These are water transfer stickers (decals) that are dipped in water and then picked up with tweezers or other tools that are peeled off the backing.
These water transfer stickers make it easy to reproduce street signs and posters.
These stickers can be used in a wide range of situations, such as banners on buildings, advertisements on telephone poles and roadside signs.
From modern designs to Showa-style advertising poster designs, this product can be used to suit the times.

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