[Model] Beach Accessories (Yellow) Kobaru Equivalent: Sakatsu Unpainted Kit N (1:150) 3705

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Sakatsu (formerly Kobaru) Unpainted Kit N (1:150) dolls approx. 1cm in height size

Beach accessories (yellow)

Part No. 3705 (former KS-1Y)
Set includes: , 1 set each of yellow and white (2 parasols, 2 surfboards, floats, 1 large and 1 small, 1 summer chair, 1 rubber boat, 1 air mat)
Size: 5 to 15 mm
Material: Plastic

Note: Equivalent to Kobaru products.
Note: Product names, prices, appearance, specifications, etc. are subject to change without notice by the manufacturer or distributor.

Information editing: Sakatsu Gallery

The set includes a beach parasol, a surfboard, a summer chair, an air mat, and other essential accessories for ocean and pool scenes, including a standard floatation ring and a rubber boat.

different colors
Beach accessories (red)
Beach accessories (blue)

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