Fine leaf ivy type (small) [yama-buki colour] Approx. 420 sheets : Sakatsuu Material Non-scale 3510

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Made by Sakatsu Material Non-scale

Fine Leaf
Paper leaf material die-cut in the shape of a leaf.
This material allows for a realistic representation of leaves.
Type: Ivy shape (small) [Yamabuki colour]
Number of sheets: approx. 420

Note:The colour tone of the images may vary from the actual product depending on the model and settings of your monitor.
Note:Please note that there is a variation in colour and shape between production lots.
Note:The third and fourth images are examples of use. They are not included in the product.

Information edit: Sakatsu Gallery

This is a leaf representation material made of paper, in the shape of an ivy leaf, about 2mm in size.

The leaf is made of paper and is approximately 2mm in size.
The number of sheets in the package may look small, but there are approximately 420 sheets in the package.
Combine with Jo Fix's Jungle Bush or Holland Dried Flowers and other products to create realistic ivy and trees.

In the third and fourth images, the stem is made of 'Dutch dried flowers', which have been moistened with water and pressed flat in the manner of pressed flowers, before being coloured.

It can be seen as a large ivy, 1/80 or 1/87, or as a small ivy, 1/24 or 1/12.
And of course, you can use them in any scene you like, including 1/43, 1/35 and 1/32 scale!
You can enjoy the realistic expression of the leaves.

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