Hasegawa Rear Cowl Movable Hinge for Lancia 037: Sakatsuo Detail Up 1:24 3039

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Detail Up Parts by Sakatsu 1/24 Scale

Hasegawa 1/24 Rear Cowl Hinge for Lancia 037
Material: Plated brass, lost wax
. Quantity: 2 pieces (for 1 car)

Note: The third image shows an example of use.
The third image shows an example of use.
Information edit: Sakatsu Gallery

The Lancia 037 Rallye was used in the World Rally Championship (WRC)
. These detailing parts are ideal for recreating this heroic figure with a retractable rear cowl, based on the kit currently on sale from Hasegawa.
The rear cowl is made up of two parts, which can be used as hinges by clamping them together with radio pliers.
If you're going to build an engine compartment, why not open up the rear cowl and enjoy the finished look!
Note: The third image is an example of the use of the product.

�ƒOther parts such as carburettors, air funnels, quick fueler caps, etc.

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