Showa Kiko Gold Series "Sembeiya" : Sakatsu Unassembled Kit HO(1:87) 0501

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Sakatsu unpainted kit HO (1/87)
Laser cut wood, approx. 85mm x 115mm x 90mm high when finished

Information edited by Sakatsu Gallery

First production run with a commemorative doll!
This is a rice cracker shop from the year 1959, when the wedding of the Crown Prince and Michiko took place and the mood was cheerful all over Japan.
The shop was opened by an old man who had come back from the Second World War and was now well established in the town.
The hard rice crackers baked by the hard-headed old man are popular with the children in the neighbourhood.

The product is the usual Basswood precision laser cut assembly kit.
Includes an unpainted white metal doll of the "old man" baking rice crackers in the back of the shop.

Only the first production run will include the "Mother" and "Kenbo" dolls (unpainted brass lost wax)!
The "Mother" and "Kenbo" dolls (unpainted white metal) will also be sold separately, but this is a great opportunity to get your hands on some lost wax memorabilia!

The photo shows an assembled and painted example.

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