Tunnel Portal for double track: Monroe Model Unpainted Kit N (1:160) 215

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Monroe Models unpainted kit N (1/160) size

Tunnel portal for double track

Part number: 215
Size (approx.): W102 x D18 x H75mm, Tunnel inner dimensions: W58 x H50mm
Material: High density plaster
Note 1: There is a plaque "1910" at the top centre of the tunnel entrance
. Note 2: This product is identical to the products of AIM (A.I.M. Products).

Information edit: Sakatsu Gallery

This tunnel portal is made of high density plaster.
It has an excellent texture and its thickness allows it to be incorporated into dioramas without any discomfort at the boundary with the surrounding ground.

At the top centre of the tunnel portal is a plaque with "1910" written on it.

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