Monthly magazine "Geography", March 2020 issue: Ancient and Modern College (this) 4910061550306

Monthly magazine "Geography", March 2020 issue: Ancient and Modern College (this) 4910061550306

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Bookstore release date 2020/02/25
A5 size, 120 pages (some pages in colour)
Published by Kokin Shoin

Special Feature: The World of Dioramas: See, Know, Fascinate (45 pages including colour pages)
Creating a big world with small dioramas by Kenichi Nonaka
From model railway layouts to "dioramas" of people and natureKen-ichi Nonaka
Let's build a world in 50cm square Naoki Sakamoto
Building a Fantastic Diorama World that Surpasses the Real: Kenichi Nakayama
Connecting hope to the world through dioramas: Hospitality Model 206 Makoto Kameda and Rei Kameda
Making the world of ants bigger with small dioramas Juri Yoshizawa
Making Dioramas for the Family: Toys and Heirlooms to Foster Geographical Imagination Ryo Suga and Harumi Sugawara
I make dioramas, and dioramas make me - a world spreading from weeds and stones Miku Suenaga and Yona Doe

Information edited by Sakatsu Gallery

I didn't know there was such a thing as a diorama! And for those who want to expand their enjoyment!
A special feature on dioramas in a geography magazine that even school teachers read!
In this exhibition, a total of 10 men and women, led by geographer Professor Kenichi Nonaka, will explain the appeal and enjoyment of dioramas.
We are pleased to announce that we will be publishing a new edition of our book, "The World in a 50cm Square".

Dioramas can show the relationship between nature and man. They have much in common with geography and have the potential to become a tool for communicating geography to society. In this book, we show you how to create dioramas, how to cut up the world and how to construct the elements, and the geographical ideas that can be developed from dioramas and their effects.

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