Desktop Calendar MINIATURE LIFE CALENDAR (2024.4-2025.3) : MINIATURE LIFE 4900459555327

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Desktop type monthly calendar starting from April 2024!
You can enjoy 12 wonderful works by Tatsuya Tanaka on different months!

Product name: Desktop MINIATURE LIFE CALENDAR 2024.4-2025.3 (Miniature Life Calendar)
Author: Tatsuya Tanaka
Publisher: Hagoromo
Release date: February 24, 2024
Size: B6 horizontal size (182 x 128 mm, approx. 75 mm (D) when assembled)
(C)Tatsuya Tanaka

Information editing: Sakatsu Gallery

The "MINIATURE CALENDAR" is a series of artworks that depict everyday objects as if they were something else. The calendar is a desk-top type that allows you to enjoy one work per month, and is small enough not to get in the way when placed on your desk at home or at work.Weekly calendar starting in JanuaryIf you display it with the "MINIATURE LIFE" set, you will surely be able to enter the world of "MINIATURE LIFE".

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