Bush E, grass type, 20mm height, medium green : Martin Uhlberg Non-scale WB-SEMG

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Made by Martin Wellberg Material Non-scale (1/35 - 1/48 recommended)

Bush E. Grass type

Part Number: WB-SEMG
Size: 21 cm (depth) X 15 cm (width) X 0.2 cm (height) X 0.2 cm (height)
Quantity: 1 sheet
Note: The material is temporarily glued to the plastic sheet. Easy to separate with bare hands or tweezers
Information edit: Sakatsu Gallery

This is a product of Martin Wellberg, which is characterized by realistic modeling and ease of use.

This product contains one sheet of material that imitates wilderness grasses.
The grass on the sheet varies in height from 0.2 to 2 cm and is suitable for representing unkempt ground.

The material is temporarily glued to a plastic sheet, which can be used as it is on one side or torn off with bare hands or tweezers to make smaller pieces.

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