Peeled type (white with flakes) 12mm height : Martin Uhlberg Non-scale WB-PWH2122

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Made by Martin Wellberg Material Non-scale (1/35 to 1/48 recommended)

Peel-off type (with flakes, white)

Part Number: WB-PWH2122
Size: 150mm (W) x 210mm (D) x 2 - 12mm (H)
Number of pieces: 1 piece
Note 1: Several bundles of fibres are temporarily bonded together to form a single sheet
. Note 2: Material is glued to a plastic sheet
Note 3: Fibre materials of different colours and heights are mixed

Information edit: Sakatsu Gallery

This is a product of Martin Wellberg with realistic modeling.

One sheet of material imitating grass is included

The Peel series is a product made of hair-like fibres that are hardened into a single bundle, laid in a sheet and temporarily bonded together.
This product is a mixture of different shades of fibre material and flake material.
This product is suitable for use as a grass or crop by separating the fibre bundles with bare hands or tweezers, rather than using the whole surface.

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