Mat Type (Pasture) Height 4.5mm Winter : Martin Uhlberg Non-Scale WB-M013

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Made by Martin Wellberg Material Non-scale (1/35 to 1/48 recommended)

Mat type (pasture)

Part Number: WB-M013
Size: 210 mm (W) X 300 mm (D) X 4.5 mm (H)
Quantity: 1pc
Note 1: The material mat can be cut. Note 1: The matting can be cut, but in dense grass areas the matting is too hard and requires scissors or other tools
. Note 2: Material mats are temporarily glued on cardboard

Information edit: Sakatsu Gallery

This is a Martin Wellberg product with realistic modeling.

Contains one sheet of material to simulate grass and ground

The Mat series is a product that combines several textile materials and the ground.
The material is glued onto a cardboard mat, which is then peeled off.
The ground is made to look like earthen ground.

The fibre material varies in colour and height, and the ground is bare in some areas, so it is recommended for use on uneven ground or in uninhabited natural situations.
It is suitable for use either as a whole surface or in sections.
It is possible to cut it into strips with bare hands, but it is recommended to use scissors or other tools, as the grass is very hard in dense areas.

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