Copic Chao E40 Brick White Brick White: Two Markers

Copic Chao E40 Brick White Brick White: Two Markers

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Too Alcohol Markers

Nib shape: super brush and medium broad

Recommended Use: Well known as an illustration marker, but useful for weathering plastic models, wooden kits and paper kits!

After completely painting, use the Super Brush side to apply a suitable amount of stain.
The colour will ride through and can be wiped off with the optional Copic Chao "Colourless Blender" to set the tone.
For oil stains, black and dark brown colours are recommended, for rust, orange and reddish brown colours are recommended.
�ƒColouring for wooden and paper kits
Before gluing, paint the parts as they are. If the kit is laser cut, it is more efficient to colour the medium broad side before removing it from the base.
If applied in layers or slowly, the colour can be intensified to some extent.
The undercoat shows through, allowing the wood grain to show through the colouring.

Approximate application area: max. 50cm x 50cm (1 coat)

Colour swatches are for reference only. The actual colour may vary depending on the substrate.

Information edited by Sakatsu Gallery

These markers are already a staple in illustration and comics because they offer a wide range of colours, do not dissolve copy toner and do not crease thin paper.
In the last few years, it has also attracted attention as a marker for models, and we have tried it and found it to be very good!

As a paint it has very little hiding power (the degree to which it hides the substrate). It is therefore not suitable for paint-like effects, but performs best when the colour and texture of the substrate is used.
Wood and paper materials can be dyed in a similar way, which makes colouring laser cut kits very easy and enjoyable.
It can easily be used to add colour and weathering to plastics, adding a finishing touch or personalising pre-painted finished products and parts.

Colourless, solvent only markers Colorless Blender can be used in conjunction with the colourless blender to wipe off the colour and allow for even more subtle adjustments! (It will not completely wipe off. (It will not completely wipe off. If the colour has seeped into the material, it may not be effective)

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