Park Play Equipment 1 (Fuji) : YSK Unpainted Kit N (1:150) Part No. 321

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YSK unpainted assembly kit N (1/150 scale), human height is about 1cm size

This is a model of a park playground equipment in the shape of Mt.
Product details: Park play equipment (Fuji) x 1 piece
Material: Coloured resin

Information edit: Sakatsu Gallery

This is a model of the Mt Fuji shaped playground equipment in the park.
It also has a tunnel and a slide, with bumpy footholds for climbing on the sides of the playground equipment.
Thanks to the suitable moulding colours, the model looks just as good assembled without painting.
Of course, it can also be painted for a more realistic finish.
The first three photos are provided by the manufacturer and may differ from the product.

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