Dust Cover A: YSK Unpainted Kit N (1:150) Part No. 288

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YSK unpainted assembly kit N (1/150 scale), human height is about 1cm size

This model is made of logs and planks to avoid sand.
Contents: Large and small x 1 piece each
Size: width approx. 30mm x 2
�@�@�@�@ Width: approx. 40mm x 2
Material: coloured resin

Information edit: Sakatsu Gallery

This is a model of sand avoidance made of logs and boards.
This model can be placed along a railway line in a mountainous area or on a slope around a road to hold back a landslide for a more realistic feel.
Available in two widths of 3cm and 4cm, in packs of two each.
Due to the suitable moulding colours, they look just as good assembled without painting.
Of course, they can also be painted for a more realistic finish.


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