1:24 Scale Tatami Mat - 6 Tatami Mat [Yellow Sheet] : S&K Miniature Material 1:24 M-004

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S&K.M-DollsHouse & Miniature sheet material 1/24

This sheet material is used to reproduce tatami mats in 1/24 scale.
The tatami mat is made of a special paper with a printing process that gives it a three-dimensional appearance.
You can make a tatami mat by wrapping it around a tatami floor (core material).
Size: approx. 38 mm x 76 mm
Number of sheets: 6
Colour: Yellow

Note:Tatami floor (core material) and tatami heli are not included.
Note:The examples in the images are for illustrative purposes only and are not included in the product.

Information edited by Sakatsu Gallery

This is a sheet material to reproduce tatami in 1/24 scale.
The tatami mat is printed on a special paper with a three-dimensional effect.
As tatami floor (core material) and tatami hemming are not included, we recommend that you use styrene paper or styrene board as a core material and express the hemming with coloured masking tape.
The thickness of modern tatami is set at 55mm or 60mm by standard, so please refer to this when making your tatami.
The range includes blue and yellow sheets in scales 1/12 and 1/24 respectively.

1/12 [Blue Sheet]
1/12�E½yYellow Sheet�E½z
1/24�E½yBlue Sheet�E½z

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