Snow-covered Christmas tree with lights, height 20cm: complete bush 8624

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Completed by BUSCH, size O(1/48) (1/48 - 1/22.5 recommended)

Christmas tree with lights
This Christmas tree is covered in snow and can be lit by 9 light bulbs.
This is a great way to recreate a Christmas scene in your diorama.
Size: approx. 20 cm high
Suitable voltage: 14-16V AC/DC

Note:Please note that the resistors at the end of the wires will be hot when the lights are energised, so please be careful not to burn yourself!
Note:The colours may vary depending on the time of year and the colour tone of your monitor.
Note: Colour may vary depending on time of delivery and monitor.
Information edited by Sakatsu Gallery

A 20cm high snow-covered Christmas tree.
With a 14-16 V AC or DC power supply, a total of nine lights can be lit for your enjoyment.
The lights use light bulbs to provide a warm and welcoming light.
How about recreating a Christmas scene in your diorama!

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